What's Happening At Paltalk

Happy Holidays Paltalkers! The new year is upon us and we’re thinking it’s time we give everyone an update on our recent releases, as well as what we have in the pipeline for 2015.

Chat with Paltalk 11.5 Featuring New Member Options

Good news! In November we launched our latest version of Paltalk. Now available for download, Paltalk 11.5 brings you a better, more consistent Paltalk. New Features include:

  • Changing favorite rooms to ‘Rooms I Follow’ with easier listing access on paltalk.com
  • More 1-on-1 options including IM history saved on your computer and the ability to delete the IM history with a sepcific user.
  • Setting your status message to the room you’re currently in from account settings.
  • Performance improvements via bug fixes resulting in less crashes and higher quality audio and video.

The New Mobile  App

The Paltalk community was at a fever pitch with the release of our new Mobile Apps. The new apps offer an amazing live group video chat from anywhere in the world for all members; no need to lug your desktop or laptop around to keep in touch with your pals.

Key highlights of the new apps include:

  • Unlimited video viewing in chatrooms with movability anywhere on your screen.
  • Opening your desktop created room on your mobile.
  • Full optimization for all mobile screen sizes.

Member request features (again THANK YOU for continuing to provide feedback):

  • Ability to lock your mic in rooms and conversations.
  • Jumping to the newest room message with just one tap.
  • Instant room reentry within the Current Rooms category.
  • Conversation timestamps.

Introduction of the Level 6 Crown

We’ve taken crowns to a whole new level!   Level 6. This new highest crown level immediately awards the owner with 6,000 bonus credits (and 12,000 to a room owner of a Level 6 Room). This crown lasts for one year and has quickly been adopted as the ultimate Paltalk status symbol.

Break the Ice with a Coors Light

We have six new Coors Light Vgifts now available for FREE to send in the Virtual Gift Store. This is a limited time offer so send your free vgifts while you can!

Coming Soon in 2015! New Premium Rooms

Premium rooms are getting a face lift. We are simplifying your options and increasing the benefits of Premium room ownership including guaranteed Crown Levels and Automatic Gold Nicknames.   Stay tuned.