What are those red flames?

Congratulations, Pal! If you’ve noticed a special red flame Flair popping up, that means you’ve found one of our newest features. We’re excited to announce a new Red Flame Flair specifically for members using the new Paltalk for Desktop!

Red Flame members are ahead of their time, using the new Paltalk for Desktop to access awesome new video calling, a streamlined layout, better flair/crown/sub representation and more — and we wanted to show them some special love. These Flair are visible to all users but only available to those on the new Paltalk. They will not interfere with other Flair members currently have or wish to add but help to let you show off your forward thinking. If you’ve found yourself in possession of a Red Flame Flair, congrats you lucky thing (and thanks for giving the new Paltalk a try). Now get out there and show it off!

If you don’t have a Red Flame Flair, you can get in on the action by downloading the newest Paltalk for Desktop now!