Winners Announced:Red Nickname Contest for March 2020

Red Nickname Contest!

For the rest of the month of March, we’re holding our newest Leaderboard Contest, with a top prize of a 1 Year Red Nickname!

Top members in each of the Paltalk leaderboards at the end of the contest will receive a FREE prize. The top Most Valuable Member wins a 1 Year Red Nickname. The top Most Sent Gifts wins an exclusive Golden Paltalk Flair. The top Most Received Gifts wins 1 Year of Prime for FREE!

Congratulations to the three winners:

Top Most Valuable Member: Raheey, wins 1 Year Special Red Nickname

Top Most Sent Gifts: Mr KWT, wins exclusive Golden Paltalk Flair

Top Most Received Gifts: Bno, wins 1 Year of Prime FREE

Boards updated every 5 minutes to help you keep track of your standings. Ends 31 March 2020 at 4:59pm ET. Top prize winner must earn at least 1 million XP to qualify for the 1 Year Red Nickname prize.

Take the top spots now by sending gifts!