Paltalk Snowball Fight Contest

Winter is here, and you know what that means – it’s time to gear up for some icy, adrenaline-pumping snowball action! ❄️☃️

We’re excited to announce the kickoff of the first-ever Virtual Paltalk Snowball Fight, where our fantastic community members will engage in epic snowball showdowns between their favorite chat rooms. Get ready for a flurry of fun and frosty competition!

When: Starting at 9 AM ET on December 4th and ending at 11:59 PM ET December 29th!

How It Works

1) Join any room that you wish to participate in.

2) Send any of the new Virtual Gifts in the Snowball Fight Contest category (see table below) to the Room. NOTEOnly the Virtual Gifts listed in the table below, which are sent TO THE CHAT ROOM (not sent to users inside the chat room), will count in this competition.

3) Launch your snowy attacks on chat rooms using the building gifts (positive Snowflake Points) or the snowball gifts (negative Snowflake Points). Building gifts will add + Snowflake Points to the room’s total. Snowball gifts will deduct points from the room’s Snowflake Point total.

4) Get friends, admins, and rivals to join you in the chat room battlefield. Earn or remove “Snowflake Points” for the chat room you either attack or protect their maneuvers.

5) Check the Contest Leaderboard for the latest rankings at (Leaderboard updates every minute. 18+ rooms will not show on the Chat Room leaderboard and are not eligible for prizes.)

Virtual Gifts and Snowflake Points Values


Virtual Gift Name Credits Snowflake Points
Snowman 25 +25
Igloo 100 +105
Snow Hut  250 +275
Snow Castle  1000 +1100
Snowball 10 -10
Snowball BLITZ! 100 -105


Prizes and Glory

The top snowball fighters and chat rooms will be featured on our Contest Leaderboard (, with a chance to earn some cool prizes.

Chat Room Prizes (Total Snowflake Points)

1st Place: Elite Annual Room Subscription

2nd Place: Ultimate Annual Room Subscription

3rd Place: Deluxe Annual Room Subscription


User Prizes

Best Builder (user with the most positive Snowflake Points sent): 1000 Virtual Credits and an exclusive Snowman Flair

SnowBall Champ: (user most negative Snowflake Points sent): 1000 Virtual Credits and an exclusive Snowball Flair


Winners will be announced on December 30th on our Social Media channels.


So, what are you waiting for? Gather your snowballs, rally your chat room comrades, and let’s make this winter unforgettable. Let the Paltalk Snowball Fight begin, and may the frosty battles be ever in your favor! ☃️💥❄️

Stay connected, stay cool, and stay frosty, Paltalkers! Let’s make this snowball fight one for the records.