Paltalk for Beginners: Getting Your Feet Wet

Joining a new messenger service is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Trying to make a good first impression while learning your way around is difficult. We want to make things easier. Whether you’re new to Paltalk or simply looking to get more out of the community, following these suggestions can help.


Complete your profile—

Chatting is all about connection, whether it be with long-time friends or interesting strangers. To make it easier for like-minded people to find you, complete and regularly update your profile. Include photos that reflect your personality. (Fun Fact: Paltalk members with profile pictures have TWICE as many pals as people without.) Highlight your interests, display your room, and write a brief bio about what makes you tick. You can find your profile by clicking the link in the Paltalk app, or by signing in directly at

Fill out your profile to introduce yourself to new Pals and let them know why you’re here.

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Explore rooms—

Now that your profile is complete and up to date, it’s time to explore some of Paltalk’s more than 5000 rooms. Use our discovery tools to follow many different rooms and acquaint yourself with the community and your own chatting preferences. Join the discussion or IM Pals directly; send stickers and gifts to the room and members; and get on cam to say hello. Most importantly, remember the three Rs of chat rooms: Rules, Raise Your Hand, and Respect.

Rules are posted at the top of most rooms. Be sure to read and adhere to them to avoid getting blocked or banned. Follow the Paltalk room ratings as well:

  • G rating – no foul language or nudity allowed

  • R rating – may contain foul language but not nudity

  • A rating – may contain both foul language and nudity

Raise your hand to let room admins know you want a turn on the mic. Joining the queue helps keep rooms organized and civil. It also helps admins maintain decorum and respect, the final R.

Respect your fellow members, no matter the rating of the room. While this includes obeying the room rules and raising your hand when necessary, there are plenty of other ways you can make Paltalk a more enjoyable place for everyone. Welcome new members and be open to their perspectives. Share Paltalk knowledge and discoveries. Maintain a positive tone and don’t get caught up in arguments. Avoid spamming chats or IMs unless you know it’s ok. If everyone shows respect, everyone can enjoy their time online.

As a new user, being curious and courteous in chat rooms will get you far, so have fun exploring!

Chat Room Etiquette

Paltalk Virtual Gifts—

To have even more fun in your new rooms, use stickers and gifts. Earn or buy credits to purchase items from the Paltalk Gift Store, then earn crown points every time you send a gift to someone. Gifts are singular items you can send to rooms or pals. Stickers are packs of gifts you can use over and over, in IMs or chat rooms. Crown points help you add crowns (and social status) to your nickname. You can also buy flair gifts that add fun icons to your nickname.

Send gifts and stickers to break the ice, react to the conversation, or show your pals some love. Interacting with Virtual Gifts helps you connect with people like you all over the world.

More About Virtual Gifts

Create your own room—

Now that you are a master chatter, taking full advantage of Paltalk’s 5000+ rooms and hundreds of rotating gift store goodies, you might want to branch out. Maybe you have pals in multiple rooms you think would get along, or maybe there’s a topic of conversation you’re not hearing enough about. Luckily, the solution is in your grasp: your own room!

Creating a room allows you to chat with your pals, visit virtually with family and friends, or start the next big Paltalk discussion. Your room’s purpose is up to you, as are its rules, its admin, and its privacy. Customize your room on or upgrade your room for more features.

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Explore upgrades—

Paltalk’s basic service is free to use. However, there are a ton of awesome features available for paid subscribers only. All paid plans offer no ads, colored nicknames, exclusive sticker packs, profile/cam view info, and multiple full cams. Follow Upgrade links to learn more about Paltalk subscriptions.

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Now that you have a handle on the basics, go out and explore!   If you have specific questions, ask our team at the Support Center. For more tips, tricks, and suggestions, look for posts from our ‘Paltalk for Beginners’ series.


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