Paltalk for Beginners: A Glossary

Chat is our business, which means that words are our passion– and we have a word for everything. To acquaint you with Paltalk’s most popular features, we’ve created a glossary of some of our favorite words below.


Basics —
  • Nickname – (also nick, nic, nik) your public username and identity on Paltalk; this is the name people see when you participate in a room or send an IM; you can customize the look of your nickname with subscription levels (changes the color) or flair and crowns (see Commerce)
  • IM – instant message, a private chat between two users; Super IM is an instant message using audio and video
  • Room – a place people go to chat live with many others at the same time, using cams and sharing the mic; rooms usually have a specific topic or focus to unite like-minded people; every room has an associated Group to help you connect even when the room is closed
  • Rating – all Paltalk rooms have a rating chosen by the room creator; rooms can be G for general audiences, R for restricted audiences, and A for adult audiences (you must enable +18 viewing); room ratings appear at the top of the chat stream any time you join a room; violating a rating can get you banned from a room


Rooms —
  • Cam – a live video stream from users’ computer/external cameras; cams are limited to previews for Basic users, but upgrading to paid subscriptions affords access to multiple cams without time limits
  • Mic – the sound source in a particular Paltalk room; in some rooms, users queue for a turn on mic, while in others, users are free to engage the mic whenever they want
  • Raise hand – use the “Raise your hand” button to join the queue for the mic; it’s the polite way to chat!
  • Admin – a user granted moderation priviledges by a room owner; admins can remove disrespectful or inappropriate members from a room and direct the topic and queue; Super Admins have more power, including banning and room edits; room Owners select admins
  • Whisper – a direct message to another user within the text of the public group chat; type “/nickname” in the text entry area or right click a nickname to whisper to another room member


Commerce —
  • Credits – Credits are Paltalk’s currency; earn or buy Paltalk Credits in order to purchase Virtual Gifts in the Paltalk Store
  • Virtual Gifts – a great option for interacting with other Paltalkers; send Gifts to break the ice, say thank you, or welcome a new pal; most Virtual Gifts are single-use, but Flair and Stickers have longer lives; learn more about Virtual Gifts here
  • Flair – a type of Virtual Gift that displays next to a nickname in the room member and pals lists; Flair lasts for seven days and is an opportunity to showcase some personality; you can send Flair to a pal or yourself
  • Sticker – a type of Virtual Gift that can be used again and again, like an emoji; Stickers come in packs and display next to chat text entry areas to easily use in messaging; send Sticker Packs to yourself to add them to your chat resources
  • Points – earn points by sending and receiving Virtual Gifts; points help you achieve Crown Levels
  • Crowns – a Crown is a level signifier and status symbol based on Points earned from sending and receiving Virtual Gifts


Chat Abbreviations — 

Chat rooms are full of slang words that, while not official Paltalk lingo, are still good to know. Here are some of the most common:

  • bbl – be back later
  • gtsy – good to see you
  • ntsy – nice to see you
  • tc – take care 
  • wb – welcome back
  • wc – welcome
  • wtg – way to go


To learn more about our features, visit the Paltalk Support Center and keep an eye out for more from the “Paltalk for Beginners” series.

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