Paltalk for Beginners: 5 Favorite Features

This week in the Paltalk for Beginners series, we’ve got the insider scoop on some of the best features Paltalk has to offer. These features might not be classified as “basics”, but as you’ll see, they’re easy to learn and can make your time online even more fun!

And the awards go to—

Best for Room Owners:
  Presenter Mode helps you distribute content to the members of a room. Upload files, feature cams, or display MediaPal material for all to see. Select the “Present” tab in the room’s control bar to begin. Presenter Mode is available for all nicknames using Paltalk for Windows.

Best for Cam Lovers:
  Video Overlays let you decorate your video stream for everyone to see. Simply start your cam and choose from the options in the Webcam Overlays dropdown. You can also import overlays in SWF format. Video Overlays are available for all nicknames using Paltalk for Windows.

Best for Chat Pros:
  Whisper lets you privately message a fellow room member within the chat stream of the room, so that only you and your recipient are able to see the message. Simply type “/username” to create a whisper message. Whisper is available for all nicknames using either Paltalk for Windows or Paltalk for Mac.

Best for New Pals:
  Super IM is like regular IM but with an audio/video connection. It’s a great way to build trust and get to know new friends in a more personal way. Plus, it’s a great way to connect with existing family and friends. Super IM is available for all nicknames using Paltalk for Windows.

Best for Social Stars:
  Who’s Viewed My… is a feature that lets you check which nicknames have viewed at your profile or camera. Review your admirers at the bottom of your MyPaltalk profile page. Who’s Viewed My… is available for all paid subscription nicknames, on both Paltalk for Windows and Paltalk for Mac.


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