New Social Distancing Rules, Who ‘Dis?

Hey everyone,

We know life is pretty tense right now. COVID-19 is officially a pandemic, travel bans are expanding, and whole countries are on lock down.

We’re lucky. As a digital communications platform, we don’t have services that require physical distribution or direct contact. On top of that, we’re a chat company and we serve a function that’s sorely needed right now, one we can provide enthusiastically. Communication is important to us. It’s our business, but it’s also something we believe in.

That’s why we’ve opened up free video for users in some of the most heavily impacted countries. Whether you’re in quarantine, working from home, or just trying to play it safe, we’ve got you covered. We know how meaningful it is to see people face to face. When physical contact becomes ill-advised, video chat platforms like Paltalk support those interactions online. No need for handshakes, masks, or worrisome travel. Just put your pretty faces on cam.

Currently, if you live in Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Slovenia, Spain, or Switzerland, you now have access to free video. You can use it to meet new people safely and ward off the isolation scaries, or to check in and keep in touch with family and friends worldwide. You can even use Paltalk rooms to watch YouTube videos with friends — share the link and get people chatting live.

In the coming weeks, we will monitor this list and expand it as appropriate. For right now, please let us know if you’re having any trouble with the apps. We want to be sure that, as online numbers increase, we’re doing our best to serve you the best experience possible.

Stay safe and stay in touch. We care.

Team Paltalk