Introducing Multi-Window Mode

Download Multi-Window Mode on Paltalk for Desktop!

We listened to your feedback. Now, Team Paltalk is proud to present Multi-Window Mode for Windows and OSX users! Try it out today on Paltalk for Desktop.

As more and more members begin to use the newest versions of Paltalk, you’ve had a lot to say. You’re excited about video filters, presenter and compact modes, and accessibility features such as large font options. However, many of you have been on Paltalk for over a decade and even with all the shiny new features, you’ve said you still miss the old layout and feel of Paltalk Classic. Multi-Window Mode aims to help.

Whether you want to minimize your lists, prefer foregrounding rooms, or just like that dark blue, multi-pane aesthetic, Multi-Window Mode has all the features you want in a new (old) shape.

To turn Multi-Window Mode on or off, visit Paltalk Settings and toggle the ‘Use Multi-Window Mode’ option under Layout Options in the General tab. If you are in Multi-Window Mode and close your Pal List, you can get it back by right clicking the Paltalk app icon on Windows and selecting ‘Home’, or by clicking the app icon on Mac. Use the Pal List window to open any other windows you want!

If you first joined Paltalk using Paltalk Classic, we’ve taken the liberty of enabling Multi-Window Mode (and Compact Mode — no profile pics!) on your first sign in to Paltalk for Desktop. You can change modes at any time in settings.

Download Paltalk for Desktop to experience your favorite new features with a more familiar look and start using Multi-Window Mode today!

By the way…

Have you heard about our Room Modes? Whether you’re using Multi-Window Mode or not, if you’re an admin in a room on the new Paltalk for Desktop, you have access to Room Mode settings. These include Featured Mode, which allows you to highlight a specific room member (or whoever is on the mic), and YouTube Mode, which you can use to play YouTube videos directly to your room’s audience.

Check out these modes by selecting “Show Admin Window” from the three line “hamburger” menu in the top right or your room, then exploring the ‘Mode’ or ‘YouTube’ tabs. Enjoy!

Download Multi-Window Now!