Holiday Room Gifting Contest










Rooms are at the center of the Paltalk experience, and members like you are rooms’ lifeblood. That’s why this week you have the chance to show your appreciation!

Send the “Paltalk Holiday Box” virtual gift TO or IN your favorite room and the room with the most gifts combined by 26 December 2019 wins 1 Year of an Ultimate Room Subscription FREE!

Check the leaderboard to see how your favorite room is performing and help them win a premium subscription for a year to set them up for a successful 2020.


  • – All members may participate by sending the designated gift
  • – Sends qualify toward the total room count if they are sent to the room as a whole OR from one person in the room to another in the same room
  • – Sends in private or direct messages do not count
  • – Only the designated “Paltalk Holiday Box” gift, found in the Holiday Gift Collection category, counts toward leaderboard rankings
  • – Prizes cannot be gifted; only the winning room will receive the Ultimate Subscription award
  • – Contest runs from Wednesday, 18 December 2019 12pm ET to Thursday, 26 December 2019 11:59pm ET
  • – Contest duration subject to change

Hurry, Pals! Take advantage of this special offer and show your votes of confidence for your favorite rooms by sending them a shiny new gift. Login to your favorite room to start now.