Difficulty Accessing Paltalk from UAE

Recently, some of our members in the United Arab Emirates have encountered problems connecting to Paltalk. This is not a server issue or interruption on Paltalk. We believe that one or more ISPs (internet service providers) in the region have blocked Paltalk as a non-licensed VoIP service, a common practice for several countries that do not support VoIP programs. The Paltalk team in the region is working hard to find a resolution and we hope to be able to provide our service again soon. However, that decision is not in Paltalk’s control.

Some members have found success using alternative ways to access Paltalk — specifically via VPNs and proxies. While Paltalk cannot encourage such action when it violates service provider terms, these efforts have generated active solutions for certain members. If you believe your connection to Paltalk has been affected by this issue, we encourage you to reach out your ISP to express your concerns, and to other affected members to share solutions.

We will update this blog post as we learn more.