7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Settings


We at Team Paltalk made a lot of changes in the past year to help members new and old create their best experiences on Paltalk. In that time, we’ve updated, moved, added, and refined many of the functions our platform has to offer, and with those shifts, it’s not surprising if you’ve missed a couple things. We want our members to have a superior experience, and that means giving you the freedom and ability to tailor your Paltalk for your needs. We want you to understand your options.

With that in mind, here’s a rundown of a few of the most high-powered settings at your disposal*:

(*It’s important to note that you can find these settings in the main settings section found near your Pal list or in the app preferences menu. There are even more settings to explore in rooms or direct chats, which we’ll talk about later. In the meantime, feel free to explore on your own. Paltalk is your chatting oyster!)

Multi-Window Mode –

One of our newest features is Multi-Window mode. If you’ve been around Paltalk for a while, Multi-Window mode will help you feel more at home using the newest versions of the app. If you’re new to Paltalk, this mode is great for members who like to multitask while they chat. Multi-Window mode breaks up Paltalk into multiple windows so that you can organize, minimize, and resize at will. Additionally, Multi-Window mode has a darker color palette more like the original app, which some of our members may find easier to read.

Compact Mode –

Another newly-featured mode on Paltalk is our Compact View, which removes profile pictures and condenses the lists and menus in your windows to a smaller size, making it easier to see everything on smaller screens.

Mic Hotkey –

If you like talking on the microphone with your friends, you may want to explore which ‘hotkey’ works best for you. This is the key on the keyboard you can toggle to turn your mic on and off for easy speaking access, so you’ll never miss a beat in any conversation.

Notify my Pals when I turn on my video in a public room –

If you and your friends like spending time on camera, try toggling this setting to live to alert your friends when you’re broadcasting. This will help you connect most effectively, filling the room with friendly faces (and don’t worry, it doesn’t apply to 18+ rooms).

Privacy Levels –

Privacy levels are pretty basic, but they are also some of the most simple and effective tools you have on Paltalk to chat the way you’d like. Ranging from “Open” (anyone can IM, invite, file transfer, or call you) to “High” (only current Pals can communicate), explore what level is best for you.

Auto start my video when I enter chat rooms –

If you’re interested in being on camera as much as possible, meeting friends that way in any room you join, try setting this toggle live to save you the effort of camming up each time you join a new room. Combine this with the “Notify my Pals” setting above to level up your cam game.

Highlight Words –

We know joining a chat room can be overwhelming, especially when you’re new to that room or Paltalk as a whole and even more so if you’re trying to follow conversation both on mic and in text. To make chat easier to consume your way, use the Highlight Words feature to set words you’re interested in talking about to stand out for you, so that they are easier to notice in conversation.

We hope this list helps you start using Paltalk more effectively for your personal needs. If you have questions about current features, or suggestions for new ones, let us know on social. 

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