5 Steps to a Better Chat Room Experience

Follow these simple guidelines when chatting in Paltalk rooms to ensure you get the most out of your Paltalk experience.
Be polite and raise your hand
In a busy chat room, you will want to ‘Raise Your Hand’ to indicate that you would like to speak. You may also want to raise your hand to partipate in votes or play games.

Click on the ‘Raise Hand’ icon in the chat room window toolbar or Select the ‘Raise Hand’ option under the ‘Actions’ menu in the chat room window

Observe the room rules
Room owners will typically post a rules at the top of the room window for chat room members to abide by. Be sure to stick by these rules or else you may be banned.
Stay away from neon colored fonts
Neon fonts are very difficult to read. Try not to use them.
Stick with lower case lettering
Avoid typing in all CAPS, as it’s considered SHOUTING. Use it to emphasize certain words, but try not to type entire sentences in capital letters.
Be nice, it’s much more fun!
Stay positive. Personal attacks or negative references to other participants of the room is usually considered to be rude and will probably result in a warning or even a bounce from the room by one of the room admins.